Task Tracking Software

Can you and your team at a glance see the number, detail and status of your tasks anytime anywhere? You can with the Web T Cards Task Tracking Software.


T Card Board View displays summary information, colour coded, highlighted with flags and automatically sorted in priority order. Click on a task to see the detail. Design each column of the T Cards Kanban Board to represent a group of tasks, e.g. due Monday or In-Progress. Click on menu options settings and the Task Tracking Software allows you to set rules for Red / Amber and Green statuses on each of the columns.

Task Tracking Tool

The Web T Cards Task Tracking Tool is fully configurable. Menu option Settings enables you to create Online Kanban Boards, project task columns, task detail lines and team members. You can also define your own T Cards sort order, graphical reports and data summaries.

Task Tracking System

There are many Task Tracking Systems available in the market place, what makes the Web T Cards Task Tracking System unique is its simple visual interface, meaning that little or no training is required before you begin to reap the benefits of visual task planning. The Web T Cards Task Tracking System has a proven pedigree; the success of the methodology was proven initially on the Toyota production facility; since then thousands of companies around the globe of various sizes and business have enjoyed equal success.

Project Task Tracking Software

Avoid working in a silo, a common issue in most offices is not knowing who’s working on which tasks and there status. The Web T Cards Project Task Tracking Software is real-time, multi-user, multi-location. The moment an update is made by one team member it’s visible to all user of your task tracking system. The Web T Cards Project Task Tracking Software is a hosted cloud system, all you need is a browser, login and password. Manage your tasks from your desk-top, iPad or mobile; Web T Cards online is compatible with Windows and MAC.

Best Task Tracking Software

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