Task Management System

The Web T Cards Task Management System helps individuals and groups of individuals, plan, track and report tasks throughout their life cycle. Each task can record up to forty different facts; names of the task owner can be picked from a list, colours used to differentiate high priority tasks and flags for complexity.

Managing multiple tasks, individuals or teams requires a specialised task management system for the efficient workflow to deliver an outstanding client experience. A sign of a good Manager is one that follows the principles of visual task management, supported proven a task management system.

Task Management App

The Web T Cards Task Management App is browsers enabled, meaning that there’s no hardware or software to install, all you need is an internet connection, login and password. Web T Cards is easy and flexible; features include an unlimited number of task management boards and columns, meaning that your task management tool can map your end-to-end business process. Web T Cards is multi-user, multi-location with real-time, red/amber/green column indicators and graphical management summaries.

Task Management Program

A Web T Cards licence is flexible, with the ebbs and flows of your business cycle you can upgrade/downgrade anytime, there is no minimum contract period or cancelation penalty. Until recently a task management program such as Web T Cards was out of the reach from all but the largest of businesses, now with the advent of cloud computing and software as a service; like a mobile phone there’s no need for an upfront capital investment; for a predictable monthly fee, large, medium and small companies alike can benefit from visual task planning.

Task Management Tool

The Web T Cards Task Management Tool has many unique functions which allow individuals and teams to focus on important tasks. For example, menu option Board View | Due Tasks highlights tasks due today/this week /this month; Board View | Filter to focus in all tasks for a team; Reports for real-time graphical reports and Settings | Sort to display high priority tasks at the top of the T Card Board. The Web T Cards task management tool can be used standalone or as part of a set of enterprise systems; tasks can be imported from comma or tab delimited files and exported as an Excel worksheet.