T-Card System

A traditional T-Card System is a wall mounted Board; the Board represents a business activity, e.g. order processing.

The Board is divided into columns, with each column representing a step in the process, e.g. Enquiries, Estimates, In-process, Complete.

Each column has slots where T Cards are placed; each T Card represents a job. The job cards are called T Cards as information is written onto a card in the shape of a T. The top of the T is visible on the Board and the body fits into the slot. The key information is written at the top of the T, so that it’s easy to identify the job and key information. Anyone can walk up to the Board, lift the T Card out of the slot and view all the details.

As the job progress, the T Card is moved between columns.

T Card Planner

Thousands of organisations around the globe use traditional T Card Planner systems. The reason why T Card Planner systems are popular is that they’re highly visual, easy to set-up, understand and use.

T Cards Online

Traditional T Card Boards do however also have shortfalls, including:
They’re not suitable for offices which operate in multi-locations or multi-floors; you have to walk up to the wall to see the jobs
Physical limitations on the number Boards, columns and slots
T Cards have to be manually sorted and the Board eye-balled to find jobs
T Cards are hand written, meaning that they can become illegible

Many businesses have or are in the process of upgrading from manual T Card systems to Web T Card systems. Web T Cards have many advantages over manual T-Card systems, including:

Retain the advantages of physical T Card Boards
Remove physical constraints, all you need is a browser
Automatic sorting, highlighting with colours and flags
Find T Cards on any value
Filter the Board, e.g. Job by due date
Graphical and data summaries
Import/Export to external systems

WebTCards Ltd. offers all its online Clients a free 21 day trial. The free 21 day trial does not require payment details and our T Cards Online software will create sample system(s) for you based on your industry. The sample systems are easy to configure for your specific company practices, however if you have questions or would like help, free telephone and email support is provided.