The Kanban System has a proven pedigree; devised, in the 1950’s, by Mr. Taiichi Ohno,Vice President of Toyota.

Kanban systems:
Reduce costs.
Create work sites that respond to changes quickly.
Achieve and assure quality control.
Design work according to human dignity, mutual trust and support, and allowing workers to reach their maximum potential.

The Web T Cards online Kanban is a simple-to-operate system and inexpensive to implement. It is a distributed system, where complex system behaviour is controlled by simple local rules. Visual controls provide a direct form of communication and make clear what must be done by managers, supervisors, and operators.

WebTCards software free 21 day trial includes telephone and e-mail support to help you design and set-up your systems; no payment details are need.

Kanban systems encourage continuous improvement (or kaizen in Japanese) an approach to work that systematically seeks to achieve small, incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality.

At the agile software quality insights conference in 2010, Kanban, systems with only 3 rules were considered the most adaptive of all:

Visualise the workflow Web TCards online Kanban Board
Limit Work-in-Progress = Web T Cards Kanban status indictors
Measure and Optimise = Kanban real-time graphical and data summaries: