How to create your Kanban Task Management System

WebTCards has worked hard to make creating and customising your task management system easy and quick. When you opt for the 21 day free Kanban trial you pick your business/industry and we create sample systems for you.


The samples are fully operational online task management Kanban Boards, you can use is or customise from menu option Settings.

Kanban Workflow

Map and visualise how work flows through your business, e.g. a Task Board for ‘Order Processing’ with each stage presented as Columns, e.g. Enquiry, Estimate, Batch and Despatch.

Kanban task management

Create customised electronic forms for your business; list the types of information need to complete each task, e.g. Customer name, Address, Product, Quantity, Date. Each electronic form can record up to 40 separate pieces of information with validation rules, e.g. mandatory, must be a number.

Kanban team

There are no limits to the size of team that can work on a kanban board. Create access profiles for each of your team members; decide who can see what and their rights, e.g. Edit Tasks, Read-Only. Each T Card update is audited with who and timestamp created and updated.

Focused Business = Successful Business

Your business will become more focused, the team and each individual’s tasks and objectives will be clearly visible, and bottlenecks in the workflow highlighted with Red/Amber/Green lights.

Free Kanban Board

Try kanban online free for 21 days, no payment details are required, functionality is unlimited and telephone and email support is included..