Kanban Software

WebTCards makes it easy for your business to manage its operational tasks, deliver improved client service and gain efficiencies. Unlike other Kanban Software providers we believe in letting you get on with your business, leave the technology complexities to us. All you need is a browser and an internet connection and you’re good to go, there is no software to install or network to configure

Kanban free software

The online kanban software is free to use for 21 days, the functionality is unlimited and you’re supported all the way with free telephone and e-mail: Support@WebTCards.com. No payment details are required, and we’ll even automatically create sample systems for your business/industry.

Kanab Security

The connection between your browser and WebTCards is secured with extended 256-bit encryption:


Premium Extended Validation Certificates require the most extensive vetting process compared to all other types of SSL Certificates, they provide the highest level of online assurance. Verification includes the legal, physical and operational existence of the company, that the company matches official records, that the company has exclusive right to use the domain.Extended SSL Certificates are available only to corporations which are legally registered and verified with a status of "Good Standing" and "Active". Browsers also display both the organisation name and issuing certification authority.

Kanban High availability

As well as our production server at www.WebTCards.com, we have a hot standby at www.WebTCards.biz two full database back-ups are also taken and a monthly cycle retained off-site. We believe that your information always belongs to you; you can take local back-ups as often as you wish:

Real time Kanban

As the WebTCards system is connected securely to the internet, any updates made by your colleagues anywhere in the world are immediately visible to all your team.


Real time updates apply to the graphical management summaries as well as the T Card Board