How Kanban online works

The Kanban online three pillars of business success

The WebTCards Kanban online system is built on the three pillars of business success, Visibility, Accountability, and Responsibility.

Arrange your electronic task board into columns; each column represents a grouping of work. You can create as many columns as needed and you can choose the name of each column. For example in a production planning process, columns could be order, Batched, in-production, ready for despatch and despatched.

Kanban Light

Systems encourage continuous improvement (or kaizen in Japanese) an approach to work that systematically seeks to achieve small, incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality.

Kanban Task Card

Record each work item on a Task Card. There are no limits on the number of tasks on a Kanban Board, or Workflow. Design your own task cards, with validation rules, e.g. mandatory, date, numeric, select from a list. Task cards can perform automatic mathematical calculations, change colour and display highlighter flags

Kanban summary

The Kanban Board can be summarised graphically and numerically, there is no limit to the number of management summaries which you can design.

Kanban free online

Kanban free online for 21 days with unlimited functionality, telephone and email:, no payment details are required.