Online Kanban Board

Posted by on July 15, 2017

Online Kanban Board

Online Kanban Board

Managing tasks on a WebTCards online Kanban Board is easy and rewarding, as it very clearly visualises the status of the project and provides full insight into who’s doing what.

A Kanban Visual Board is a representation of the work stream, where each task is represented by a Card.  As work progress, the task owner simply drags/drops the Card along the Board where each Column represents a step in your workflow.

The Cards record details of the required task and progress, the Cards, Columns and Boards are fully customisable.

The transparent and highly visual nature of Kanban Boards, boosts motivation and engagement of all team members and management, all stakeholders can easily visualise the status of deliverables without being overwhelmed with detail.

Kanban Boards underpin the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement; tasks can be reviewed and adapted as business and client needs dictate.

Everything on the Kanban Board

WebTCards online Kanban Boards deliver a highly visual effective experience.  Managing communication within and across teams is a common challenge.  With WebTCards Kanban Boards, everything is easy to understand with visual colour and image clues. Everyone has a single centralised truth of the project, and because WebTCards is in the Cloud, teams can cross, offices and countries with zero infrastructure costs.

The WebTCards Boards, provide full granular insight into who’s doing what.  WebTCards Dashboards and Charts provide high-level summary views, which can cross project Boards.  Charts support drill-downs, from the high-level to the individual exceptions.

One Task one Card

All necessary information to complete a task is recorded on a Card, no one has to waste time hunting for information elsewhere.  The Card can be organised into sections so it’s easy to understand and validation added, e.g. mandatory, number, date, value from a list so there’s no ambiguity. Team members can securely attach project documentation to a Card as well as hyperlink to documents in e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive.

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